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Is Your Teenage Daughter Curious About Eyebrow Threading? 3 Tips To Help Her Love The Experience

The quest for the perfect eyebrows has never been better for a teenager now that threading has gained more recognition for its ability to provide defined arches. While this beauty treatment only takes about ten minutes, the process can be quite different for your daughter if she's only tweezed or waxed her brows in the past. As she gets ready for her appointment, you can use these tips to help her enjoy her first eyebrow threading experience.

Pick the Right Time

The process of threading the eyebrows shouldn't produce more than just a little bit of discomfort. However, it can leave your daughter's skin a little pink or red around the areas that are threaded. In most cases, this settles down within an hour or two. If your daughter is concerned about redness, then encourage her to schedule the appointment for a time when she does not need to go somewhere immediately afterward. Your daughter may also be able to use aloe or another soothing gel to help ease any post-threading discomfort.

Prepare Her to Help

During brow threading, the skin needs to be taut so that the thread can catch the hairs better. For this reason, the stylist may ask your daughter to use her hands to pull the skin around her eyebrows in certain directions. Let your daughter know to ask if she's unsure of how to hold her skin, and the stylist will show her. 

Advise Her to Go Light On the Makeup

Makeup can be worn during threading, but the process can cause the eyes to tear a little bit. For this reason, your daughter may want to avoid wearing eye makeup such as mascara that tends to run. She can, however, put makeup on again immediately after threading if she prefers.

Discuss What She Wants

Threading stylists are experts at what they do, which means that they can give your daughter a beautiful brow shape just by adjusting their technique to match her look. Yet, your daughter may have specific ideas about how she wants her eyebrows shaped. Talk to her beforehand about how thin or thick she wants her eyebrows to be along with where she prefers definition so that she is prepared to explain this to the stylist.

One of the biggest benefits of having your daughter's eyebrows threaded is that the beautiful effects last for several weeks. By preparing her beforehand, you can make sure that she loves her shaped brows and looks forward to her next beauty treatment.

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