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Does Your Teenager Struggle With Trichotillomania? 3 Benefits Of Working With A Custom Wig Maker

Trichotillomania, or hair-pulling disorder, can be challenging for teens to overcome. While your teenager may or may not be aware of their behavior, the evidence of pulling out their hair can quickly become evident. On top of leaving the scalp vulnerable to infections, your teen may develop bald and thinning spots that cause them to feel self-conscious. As your teen works with their health care providers to find strategies to help them curb their behavior, you can help them overcome other challenges associated with this disorder by working with a custom-wig maker.

Provide a Gentle Reminder to Avoid Hair Pulling

Many people with trichotillomania find that wearing something on top of their head can serve as a reminder to avoid pulling out their hair. A wig is designed to stay on your teen's head until it is removed. When they reach up to their scalp, they can feel the wig. While this may not be a cure for the disorder, it can help them to remember that they should avoid pulling their hair. This gentle reminder can also serve as a signal to use one of their other strategies to manage their condition such as finding a distracting activity.

Get the Most Comfortable Fit Possible

Your teen's scalp may be tender if they have already experienced significant damage from pulling out their hair. Custom-made wigs involve working with a professional who can help to identify the most comfortable type of style to use for your teen. For instance, they may prefer a wig that is made with a specific type of material for the base that is less likely to rub their scalp and generate friction that hurts. They may also need a special fit to make sure that they are not irritated by the wig. Choosing a custom-made wig rather than one that you can find pre-made gives your teen the best chances of wanting to wear it regularly.

Reduce the Stress of Going Out in Public

For a teenager, having bald spots can be emotionally painful if they feel like other people can notice. Since many people with trichotillomania already feel a sense of guilt or shame over their behavior, this can increase stress. Heightened stress levels may cause your teen to experience an increase in their symptoms. Giving your teen a way to cover up any bald spots with a natural-looking wig helps them to feel more confident when they spend time around other people.

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