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Five Factors To Consider When Purchasing Custom-Made Lace Wigs

There are many different wigs on the market. If you choose, you can change your hair color and hairstyle daily by simply switching wigs. Wearing a wig can boost your self-confidence and help you promote your individuality. When you choose the right wig, it will look as good or better than your natural hair. But there are numerous factors to consider when buying custom-made lace wigs. Here are a few of them.  

1. Fit

Contrary to popular belief, not all wigs are the same size. When your wig is too small, it will slide back on your head, revealing your scalp or hairline. If it is too big, your ear tabs will gap, and your natural hair will show. 

To ensure a proper fit when buying custom-made lace wigs, you need to take your head measurements. These measurements need to include the following:

  • Head circumference
  • Ear to ear across the front of your hairline
  • Ear to ear over the top of your head
  • Temple to temple around the back of your head
  • Forehead to the nape of your neck
  • Around the nape of your neck

There are some workarounds for adjusting and securing a too-big wig, but you can ensure a great fit with the proper measurements. 

2. Hairline

Custom lace wigs come with two different types of hairlines. Your choices are unplucked and pre-plucked. An unplucked hairline is often seen in less expensive wigs. A pre-plucked hairline is often seen in custom lace wigs as this hairline more closely resembles your own hairline. Plucking the hairline creates less density on top which is more natural looking. 

3. Matching Lace Color

Another critical factor is ensuring that your lace color matches your skin tone. Buying custom-made lace wigs with very thin lace that blends into your skin is essential. Blending the lace will keep your edges from standing out and provide the most natural look.

4. Versatility

When you buy custom-made lace wigs with large parted areas, you will have enough space to part your hair any way you like. Changing your part and styling your hair will allow you to get more wear out of your wig. 

5. Hair Quality

There are synthetic and human hair options on the market when buying custom wigs. While synthetic is less expensive, these wigs will not last as long as those made from human hair. Not only will human hair wigs last longer, but they will also provide other benefits. They look more natural, are more durable, and are more adaptable for styling.

Don't purchase a cheap wig. Invest in one you will be pleased with. 

Contact a local wig shop to learn more about custom lace wigs.

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